Decided to brew another iteration of the pale I brewed a couple weeks ago (here). I thought the Vienna contribution was a little over the top, so toned it back a touch, also moved to a more moderate hop schedule. I liked the Citra, but thought it was a bit one dimensional. Will see how this works out!

Pale III

Style: American Pale Ale





0.5/5/Crystal 60L





Am. Ale yeast (1056)

Stats: SRM 6.8, IBUs 31.8, ABV 5.0% (Est. O.G. 1.049, measured 1.050)


4.4.15 Made 1 liter starter using 1056, strong fermentation overnight, should be good

4.5.15 4.5 gallons strike water, mash at 151F, subbed citra/Amarillo combo for Columbus as bittering hop due to availability. Heated 4 gal sparge water.



Citra Pale Ale

Style: Am. Pale Ale



8/68/Pale Brewers Malt

3/25/Vienna Malt

0.75/6/Crystal 40L






Stats: SRM 6, IBUs 39, 5.4% ABV


Pitched 1pkg us-05 dry yeast

Kegged 3.16.15, US-05 took much longer to drop bright than I recall, Probably won’t keep up with it. Need a new American strain to keep around…


Brewed again today, with the roommates this time. The suggestion was something in line with Manny’s pale ale from Georgetown brewery. As such, I did some snooping, reading and thinking and came up with something I hope proves itself as a reasonable starting place. I like the simplicity, though typically I find myself avoiding cascade hops so it’ll be interesting to see how I feel about the result here. The brew went pretty swimmingly, we ended up overshooting the gravity slightly, but i’m hoping it stays a little more full bodied, as Manny’s isn’t a particularly dry pale.

Batch size: 5.5 gallons, predicted O.G. 1057, Color: 7 SRM, Bitterness: 35 IBU’s


2-Row (10 lbs/83%)

Crystal 45L (1 lb/8%)

Carapils (1 lb/8%)


0.75 oz Magnum @ 60 min

0.5 oz Cascade @ 5 min

0.5 oz Cascade @ 1 min

1 oz Cascade dry/keg hops

US-05 yeast.

Irish moss in the kettle.

As of now, Georgetown’s website says they use Summit hops, presumably for the bittering addition, however these were unavailable and I thought I had seem somewhere that magnum had been used at some point, and in the long run it will probably have little to no effect on the flavor (plus we don’t have any of the real version to compare to, so it’s not a big deal). Anyways, the measured O.G. fell somewhere around 1058, which puts us a full 6 points higher than the real deal, but I doubt we’ll see fermentation all the way to 1010 as is suggested on Georgetown’s website (here) so we might break even (typically I’ve been seeing terminal gravities in the 1014-1016 range).


I took advantage of the great weather and fresh ingredients I got yesterday to brew. I had a buddy ride shotgun for most of the process which was nice. I really like imparting the things I know and enjoy to other people, so it was rad. We brewed a fairly basic pale ale. I think I originally called it the Yakima Valley Pale with the intention of using local hops, however I dont know where these actually came from. Also, in my laziness I forgot to adjust hop weights for Alpha %’s so it might be more along the lines of a small IPA. Oh well, 45 IBU’s instead of the intended 42, I’ll survive.

Volume: 4 gallons, O.G. 1050 est (1049 actual), F.G. 1014 est, 45 IBU’s, 7* SRM, 4.8% ABV


% LB OZ Malt or Fermentable ppg °L
75% 7 0 American Two-row Pale 37 1 ~
21% 2 0 American Munich 33 10 ~
3% 0 5 American Crystal 60L 34 60 ~


use time oz variety form aa
boil 60 mins 0.5 Centennial leaf 10.0
boil 60 mins 0.5 Columbus leaf 13.5
boil 5 mins 1.0 Centennial leaf 10.0
post-boil 10 mins 1.0 Centennial leaf 10.0
post-boil 10 mins 0.5 Columbus leaf 13.5

Chilled to 70*F and then pitched a packet of US-05

I used the post boil hops as a sort of whirlpool addition while I was chilling via recirculation through the counterflow chiller. I’ve never tried this before, but I have high hopes. Also, in lieu of available muslin bags for hops I bought a bunch of cheesecloth from the painting section of the hardware store and used squares of that to roll/tie up the hop additions with awesome results. No more restricting grain bags for me!

Fermentation was going strong when I woke up this morning after 9 hours and the temp had dropped to about 67*F, psyched! I had to make up for wort absorbed by hops with some RO water, I need to learn how to compensate when I plan brews as I usually dont brew things with lots of hops, though I’m setting out to remedy that a bit in the near future.

I’ll post pictures when I can and should have some tastings up this week.

Rye Pale Ale

My first attempt at a sessionable, pleasant pale ale. Usually I’m not entirely gripped over pale ale’s but was impressed with Bitteroot Brewing’s rye pale this summer, which motivated me to delve into the realm of american style pales.

Batch Vol: 4 gal

Initial gravity: 1.040

Final gravity: 1.010

SRM: 5*

IBU: 32.0


3lb8oz American 2-Row 53%

2lb8oz Rye Malt 38%

6oz Carafoam 6%

3oz Crystal 60l 3%

.5oz centennial @60 min

.5oz centennial @10 min

Fermented: Safale US-05


Brewed: Oct 19

Bottled Nov 23 (3.5 gallons w/ 3oz corn sugar). Felt pretty confident with the first attempt at bottling, perhaps dry hop a touch next time.