More taps to fill! The lack of availability of reasonable English styles here, particularly on draft, has me motivated to try and keep some of that sort of thing around. Took a stab at a Northern English Brown this time around!

Northern English Brown II

Style: Northern English Brown



8.0/82/Maris Otter

1.0/10/Flaked Oats

0.5/5/Pale Chocolate





Stats: SRM 20, IBU 21, 5.0% ABV


1.2L starter prepared 3.14.2015, Wyeast 1318 London III. Pitched ~800 mL, Expected O.G. 1.046 @5.5gal (70% eff), final kettle vol 5.5 gal, measured O.G. 1.054 (eff ~82%). Hit volumes ideally @ 1gal/hr boil off, 0.5 gal dead volume in mash under false bottom (5.5 gal into chiller). Kept 2 vials of starter slurry for later use.

F.G. 1.016, kegged 4.1.15, near perfect vol. into keg. Initial tasting has me thinking a slightly more assertive hop presence might help, but I think proper carbonation should help. Noticed a fair amount of yeast still in suspension, maybe start cold crashing before I keg, have to remember.


NEB Tasting

Another tasting, the Northern English Brown I brewed in December.


Pours dark, darker than I initially anticipated, with a beautiful creamy tan head. Held to light a touch of red comes through, but only if you are looking for it.


Malty, almost no hop aroma.


Heavily malty. A touch of hop bitterness comes through and also a bit of bitterness from the roasted malts. It finished a bit thinner than I had intended, and I think I might cut back the roast a bit and maybe toast a pound of the two row to add a bit of bready toast and cut back on the bitterness.


As before stated, its a bit drier than I had envisioned it, but overall a pleasant mouthfeel. Certainly fitting for the style I think.

Overall, I’m quite pleased, I wish there was a bit more toasty flavor, which is easily remedied with a bit of a toasting of some of the base malt, and a slight reduction of the roasted malt element, I’m also curious to try out pale chocolate, might try to sub that in next time.