More taps to fill! The lack of availability of reasonable English styles here, particularly on draft, has me motivated to try and keep some of that sort of thing around. Took a stab at a Northern English Brown this time around!

Northern English Brown II

Style: Northern English Brown



8.0/82/Maris Otter

1.0/10/Flaked Oats

0.5/5/Pale Chocolate





Stats: SRM 20, IBU 21, 5.0% ABV


1.2L starter prepared 3.14.2015, Wyeast 1318 London III. Pitched ~800 mL, Expected O.G. 1.046 @5.5gal (70% eff), final kettle vol 5.5 gal, measured O.G. 1.054 (eff ~82%). Hit volumes ideally @ 1gal/hr boil off, 0.5 gal dead volume in mash under false bottom (5.5 gal into chiller). Kept 2 vials of starter slurry for later use.

F.G. 1.016, kegged 4.1.15, near perfect vol. into keg. Initial tasting has me thinking a slightly more assertive hop presence might help, but I think proper carbonation should help. Noticed a fair amount of yeast still in suspension, maybe start cold crashing before I keg, have to remember.


Northern English Brown

This one is a bit of a back log,

Est O.G. 1.046

Est. F.G. 1.016

SRM 19*

IBU’s 26.4

Volume: 4 gal.


6lb English Maris Otter

7oz Crystal 60l

6oz flaked oats

6oz Chocolate

4oz Kiln Coffee


.75 oz Brewers Gold @ 6o min

1tsp Irish Moss and Yeast Nutrient at 15 min.

Fermented w/ WLP002

Brewed 12/8, mashed @150F, measured O.G. 1.046, pitched 3c. starter after ~12 hours. I originally had planned to use 10 ounces of pale chocolate malt, however I ended up without and switched up the recipe to 6oz chocolate and 4oz kilned coffee malt, which in hindsight I think added a nice malty complexity that may have been absent, otherwise, that being said I havent re-done the percentage of grain bill so scaling up would require a bit more work (I dont think anyone keeps up on this or has any intention of brewing any of these recipes anyways, so I’m not concerned enough to re-do the maths.)

Measured gravity 12/22, dropped to 1.013, hoping to bottle by the 28th, but it’s the holidays.