Decided to brew another iteration of the pale I brewed a couple weeks ago (here). I thought the Vienna contribution was a little over the top, so toned it back a touch, also moved to a more moderate hop schedule. I liked the Citra, but thought it was a bit one dimensional. Will see how this works out!

Pale III

Style: American Pale Ale





0.5/5/Crystal 60L





Am. Ale yeast (1056)

Stats: SRM 6.8, IBUs 31.8, ABV 5.0% (Est. O.G. 1.049, measured 1.050)


4.4.15 Made 1 liter starter using 1056, strong fermentation overnight, should be good

4.5.15 4.5 gallons strike water, mash at 151F, subbed citra/Amarillo combo for Columbus as bittering hop due to availability. Heated 4 gal sparge water.



More taps to fill! The lack of availability of reasonable English styles here, particularly on draft, has me motivated to try and keep some of that sort of thing around. Took a stab at a Northern English Brown this time around!

Northern English Brown II

Style: Northern English Brown



8.0/82/Maris Otter

1.0/10/Flaked Oats

0.5/5/Pale Chocolate





Stats: SRM 20, IBU 21, 5.0% ABV


1.2L starter prepared 3.14.2015, Wyeast 1318 London III. Pitched ~800 mL, Expected O.G. 1.046 @5.5gal (70% eff), final kettle vol 5.5 gal, measured O.G. 1.054 (eff ~82%). Hit volumes ideally @ 1gal/hr boil off, 0.5 gal dead volume in mash under false bottom (5.5 gal into chiller). Kept 2 vials of starter slurry for later use.

F.G. 1.016, kegged 4.1.15, near perfect vol. into keg. Initial tasting has me thinking a slightly more assertive hop presence might help, but I think proper carbonation should help. Noticed a fair amount of yeast still in suspension, maybe start cold crashing before I keg, have to remember.


First brew of the new year! I’ve been brewing sporadically the last several months, but par usual life keeps my time to brew pretty limited. ┬áDecided to finally try my hand at a smoked porter. It’s a style I’ve nearly always enjoyed, but never brewed, maybe because it is a little less universal than some other styles. Anyways, I think this one will turn out a little less smokey than I intended, but this is ok.

Recipe (5.5 gallons)

Predicted stats:

O.G. 1052

IBU: 28

Color: 23 SRM


2-Row (9 lbs/81%)

Crisp Pale Chocolate (0.75 lbs/6%)

Smoked Malt (0.5 lbs/4%)

Medium Crystal (0.5 lbs/4%)

Carafa (0.25 lbs/2%)


1oz Centennial @60



I used the weyerman beechwood smoked malt, which I think has a less burly smoke flavor than some other options, and I think it may turn out a bit more background than I had initially intended. Also, the centennial I got was a touch on the low AA side, so I supplemented accordingly with a touch of UK Challenger I had leftover from an ESB I brewed about a month ago. Mashed at 153*F, collected 6.75 gallons pre-boil volume. Hoping to ferment in the low 60*F range.


After a somewhat lengthy hiatus, I’m back set up brewing. After a year without convenient brewing accommodations and some readjustment to the new digs, I’m pleased to be brewing again (with some regularity). As such, I’ll try and keep up on things here a bit more.

Brewed friday (12.6.13),

Challenger ESB (5.5 gallons)


9lbs Crisp Maris Otter

2lbs Munich malt

0.5lbs crisp medium crystal


1oz UK Challenger @60min

1.5oz UK Challenger @5min

1oz Willamette @5min

1.5oz UK Challenger @1min

1oz Willamette @1min

Pitched 1pkg S-04, vigorous fermentation within 12 hours.

Brewing notes: I under-accounted for boil off, as such I managed to collect about 5 gallons, this put S.G. at 1060, rather than the 1055 predicted.

American Amber

I brewed up a rebrew of a somewhat hoppy american amber on 1/12. Also recently bottled the ESB and Northern English brown, will post a tasting from those one of these days. That said, brewing the amber went well, tuned in my volumes finally I think, and the brewday ran fairly smooth.

American Amber

4 gallon batch size

Est. eff. 71%

O.G. 1053

F.G. 1014

13* SRM

~38 IBU’s


72% 2-Row

12% Flaked Oats

9% Crystal 60L

6% Biscuit malt

1% Chocolate malt


.5 oz Columbus First Wort (I used some old pellets I had and adjusted for age to ~14 AA

1oz Cascade, .5oz Columbus @ 5min and @1min

Also per usual, Irish moss and yeast nutrient @ 10 min


Chilled to ~65*F and pitched 1 packet US05, fermentation had taken off after 14 hours.