Decided that I wasn’t ready to let go of wintery beers, and brewed up a coffee stout. I’ve brewed several american stouts and oat stouts, but have never done anything with coffee before, and it seemed like a fitting evening beer for hanging out on a crisp spring evening. The recipe includes some oats for body, and plenty of dark roasted malts, as well as a fair kick of columbus for bitterness (though not too much…), I made a ripping big starter, probably bigger than necessary but I was a little unsure about the strength of the saved yeast I used, so aimed a bit bigger than typical.




1.5/10.9/Flaked Oats

1.25/9.1/Roasted Barley (breiss 300 SRM)

0.75/5.5/Biscuit Malt

0.75/5.5/Chocolate Malt (Breiss 350 SRM)

0.5/3.6/Crystal 80L



Am. Ale yeast (1056)

Will keg onto cold-brewed coffee, maybe 3 oz in 20 oz water?

Stats: SRM 41.5, IBUs 44.5, ABV 6.8% (Est. O.G. 1.065, measured 1.063)


4.15.2015-prepared 1.3L starter w/ saved WY1056 vial, dropped vial into starter-should sanitize vials before trying to pitch(moron)

4.18.2015-morning brew day. Mashed in w/ 5.5 gallons strike (1.6 qt/lbs), heated 4 gallons sparge water, hit volume before mash ran dry. Mashed @152*, Rapid fermentation within 8hrs


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