Decided to brew another iteration of the pale I brewed a couple weeks ago (here). I thought the Vienna contribution was a little over the top, so toned it back a touch, also moved to a more moderate hop schedule. I liked the Citra, but thought it was a bit one dimensional. Will see how this works out!

Pale III

Style: American Pale Ale





0.5/5/Crystal 60L





Am. Ale yeast (1056)

Stats: SRM 6.8, IBUs 31.8, ABV 5.0% (Est. O.G. 1.049, measured 1.050)


4.4.15 Made 1 liter starter using 1056, strong fermentation overnight, should be good

4.5.15 4.5 gallons strike water, mash at 151F, subbed citra/Amarillo combo for Columbus as bittering hop due to availability. Heated 4 gal sparge water.


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