Brewed again today, with the roommates this time. The suggestion was something in line with Manny’s pale ale from Georgetown brewery. As such, I did some snooping, reading and thinking and came up with something I hope proves itself as a reasonable starting place. I like the simplicity, though typically I find myself avoiding cascade hops so it’ll be interesting to see how I feel about the result here. The brew went pretty swimmingly, we ended up overshooting the gravity slightly, but i’m hoping it stays a little more full bodied, as Manny’s isn’t a particularly dry pale.

Batch size: 5.5 gallons, predicted O.G. 1057, Color: 7 SRM, Bitterness: 35 IBU’s


2-Row (10 lbs/83%)

Crystal 45L (1 lb/8%)

Carapils (1 lb/8%)


0.75 oz Magnum @ 60 min

0.5 oz Cascade @ 5 min

0.5 oz Cascade @ 1 min

1 oz Cascade dry/keg hops

US-05 yeast.

Irish moss in the kettle.

As of now, Georgetown’s website says they use Summit hops, presumably for the bittering addition, however these were unavailable and I thought I had seem somewhere that magnum had been used at some point, and in the long run it will probably have little to no effect on the flavor (plus we don’t have any of the real version to compare to, so it’s not a big deal). Anyways, the measured O.G. fell somewhere around 1058, which puts us a full 6 points higher than the real deal, but I doubt we’ll see fermentation all the way to 1010 as is suggested on Georgetown’s website (here) so we might break even (typically I’ve been seeing terminal gravities in the 1014-1016 range).



First brew of the new year! I’ve been brewing sporadically the last several months, but par usual life keeps my time to brew pretty limited. ┬áDecided to finally try my hand at a smoked porter. It’s a style I’ve nearly always enjoyed, but never brewed, maybe because it is a little less universal than some other styles. Anyways, I think this one will turn out a little less smokey than I intended, but this is ok.

Recipe (5.5 gallons)

Predicted stats:

O.G. 1052

IBU: 28

Color: 23 SRM


2-Row (9 lbs/81%)

Crisp Pale Chocolate (0.75 lbs/6%)

Smoked Malt (0.5 lbs/4%)

Medium Crystal (0.5 lbs/4%)

Carafa (0.25 lbs/2%)


1oz Centennial @60



I used the weyerman beechwood smoked malt, which I think has a less burly smoke flavor than some other options, and I think it may turn out a bit more background than I had initially intended. Also, the centennial I got was a touch on the low AA side, so I supplemented accordingly with a touch of UK Challenger I had leftover from an ESB I brewed about a month ago. Mashed at 153*F, collected 6.75 gallons pre-boil volume. Hoping to ferment in the low 60*F range.