So begins the wedding saga (parts I and II)

I’ve been gripper busy finishing my undergraduate degree, so I have been on bare minimum beer schedule, HOWEVER, a buddy recently asked if I would brew some beer up for his wedding in July. I was really honored that he would have that kind of faith in me, and I of course jumped at the chance. Even better, when we sat down over drinks to discuss what to make, he basically gave me the reins and said I could do whatever I thought would be good. Suddenly more pressure on my end, but a welcome challenge. This afternoon I brewed the second of three beers and moved the first onto dry hops, so here’s a quick write up of each beer/brewday/whatever. Also: gotta put in a plug for my buddy who is distributing hops to homebrewers at the best prices I’ve seen on the net here.

So here they are:

Part I

Twin Brother Darkness (A cascadian dark)

Batch Size: 5.5 gal, O.G. 1060, F.G. 1015, SRM 25, 69.1 IBU’s

69% 8 0 American Two-row Pale 37 1 ~
13% 1 8 American Munich 33 10 ~
9% 1 0 Turbinado 44 10 ~
6% 0 11 Carafa I 32 337 ~
3% 0 6 Pale Chocolate Malt 34 165 ~
boil 60 mins 1.375 Columbus 14.6
boil 10 mins 1.0 Centennial 10.0
boil 10 mins 0.5 Columbus 14.6
boil 5 mins 1.0 Centennial 10.0
boil 5 mins 0.5 Columbus 14.6
dry hop 7 days 2.5 Centennial 10.0
dry hop 7 days 2.5 Columbus 14.6

Overall, the brew day went well, I re calibrated the temp sensor on the rig, which helped a lot and the wort was delicious going into the fermenter. I’m hoping the balance between sharp hops and smooth chocolate notes holds through and doesnt get thrown off. Today this went into secondary with 2.5 oz’s of centennial and 2.5 oz’s of columbus. I didnt have enough hop bags, so I just chucked the pellets right in, i’m hoping this doesnt cause issues when kegging, but you live and you learn I suppose.

Part II

The Honey Blonde

I wanted to produce a summer friendly beer (the wedding being in July) that would appeal to a whole spectrum of drinkers. Namely, I wanted something unique enough that I would be happy drinking it at a wedding, while keeping those not into particularly malty or hop driven beers. This was my attempt, and I hope it goes well. A light, quaffable summer beer. As of now, I have no idea if it worked, only time will tell, basically, I combined honey malt with a 2 row base and biscuit for a bit of a nice malt presence, to this I added a pound of honey at flame out, hoping to really dry out the finished beer and maybe add a bit of the honey profile. I paired all this with Saaz for the floral profile it contributes. The IBU’s are a bit high for a traditional blonde ale, but I think it will do well.

Batch size: 5.5 gal, O.G. 1042, F.G. 1012, SRM 6, IBU 30

60% 5 0 American Two-row Pale 37 1 ~
12% 1 0 Clover Honey 34 5 ~
12% 1 0 American Wheat 39 2 ~
8% 0 11 Honey Malt 37 25 ~
8% 0 11 Biscuit Malt 36 23 ~
boil 60 mins 1.5 Saaz 5.5
boil 10 mins 1.0 Saaz 5.5
boil 1 min 1.0 Saaz 5.5

That said, I have high hopes. I’m often motivated by challenges when brewing, and I think this project has brought me a new challenge. It’s fairly easy to brew what I like, however it becomes much more difficult for me to brew things other people will be as psyched on as me (I generally enjoy strange styles). It will also be interesting (possibly heartbreaking) to see how people respond to the brews at the wedding. Next up (early next week) will be an american brown!