After a wildly hectic finals week, I’ve managed to bottle a robust porter and now I’ve gotten around to brewing a scottish heavy. Hoping to also brew a flanders red later this week before I have to jet out for the weekend. I guess poor weather for playing outside is a double edged sword.

Anyways, here’s the recipe.

Batch size: 4 gal, Est. O.G. 1041, Est F.G. 1011, Color 14* SRM, 23 IBU’s


60% Golden Promise (4 lbs)

30% Munich (2 lbs)

8% Flaked Barley (8 oz)

2% Roasted Barley (2 oz)


Kettle Additions:

1oz EKG @ 60 minutes

yeast nutrient and Irish Moss @15 mins


Fermenting w/ US-05


Process: Mash @ 154*F, hoping to keep a bit of body as the US-05 usually does a good job chewing through available sugars. Ferment at 60*F ambient.