American Amber

I brewed up a rebrew of a somewhat hoppy american amber on 1/12. Also recently bottled the ESB and Northern English brown, will post a tasting from those one of these days. That said, brewing the amber went well, tuned in my volumes finally I think, and the brewday ran fairly smooth.

American Amber

4 gallon batch size

Est. eff. 71%

O.G. 1053

F.G. 1014

13* SRM

~38 IBU’s


72% 2-Row

12% Flaked Oats

9% Crystal 60L

6% Biscuit malt

1% Chocolate malt


.5 oz Columbus First Wort (I used some old pellets I had and adjusted for age to ~14 AA

1oz Cascade, .5oz Columbus @ 5min and @1min

Also per usual, Irish moss and yeast nutrient @ 10 min


Chilled to ~65*F and pitched 1 packet US05, fermentation had taken off after 14 hours.