Thanksgiving and ESB

In the wake of (fake) turkey feasting, I decided to hustle home somewhat early sunday and brew. While at home I was blessed with the opportunity to shop at a well stocked and reasonably priced homebrew shop, so I picked up grains for three english style beers, however I did so on a whim and forgot my recipes at home, so it was a bit of a shot in the dark, however I managed to complete the shopping trip forgetting only hop socks and mis-purchased hops, though not drastically. On another note, I think I have developed a lacto infection somewhere in my bottling process, which is less than desirable, but is an easy (and relatively cheap) fix, however it seems to be adding a nice sour note to the bottled dark saison.


Batch volume: 4 gallons

SRM: 9*

IBU: 43.9

OG: 1.044

FG: 1.014


6lb8oz Maris Otter (87%)

10oz Flaked Oats (8%)

5oz Crystal 60L (5%)


1 oz Centennial (9.2 AA) @ 60 min

1 oz Glacier (5.6 AA) @ 6 min

1 oz East Kent Goldings Dry Hop (~5 days)


Fermented with WLP-013, 60*F.


Mashed at 152*F, 60 minutes.


Brew log updated

I figured I should start something of this sort to organize thoughts and keep a record of brews, successes, failures and experiments. Added the most recent brews I’ve done, next step is to put up some tasting notes on those, however that will have to wait a bit. Hoping to pick up materials to brew some english ales in the next couple weeks. I have recipes made up for an English Brown, an ESB and a robust porter, so we’ll see what kind of headway I make.

Dry Stout

Batch Vol: 4 gal

Initial gravity: 1.046

Final gravity: 1.011

SRM: 32*

IBU: 32.2


5lb8oz American 2-Row 73%

1lb Flaked Barley 13%

9oz Roasted Barley 7%

7oz Crystal 60l 6%

.5oz centennial @60 min

.5oz centennial @10 min

Fermented: Wyeast 1728 Scottish Ale


Brewed: Nov 17, unexpected boil off, topped off with a gallon of filtered water, ended w/ ~4.5 gallons @ 1.041 OG. Pitched 3 cup starter made from washed 1728. Fermented ~60*F