Session Cascadian Dark

On a whim I brewed this up from grains I had, and a couple pounds of 2 row. It ended up pretty deep in the “sessionable” territory and I’m waiting on a couple weeks in a bottle to pass judgement, it could have failed horribly. That said, here is the recipe:

Batch Vol: 4 gal

Initial gravity: 1.029

Final gravity: 1.010

SRM: 23*

IBU: 39.6


3lb8oz American 2-Row 78%

8oz Chocolate malt 11%

8oz Roasted Barley 11%


.5oz centennial @60 min

.5oz cascade @ 60 min

.5oz centennial @ 1 min

.5oz cascade @ 1 min


Fermented: Safale US-05


Brewed: Oct 21, mashed on the stovetop in a grain bag, final volume was a bit short, diluted to 4 gallons w/ filtered water.

Bottled: Nov 23


Rye Pale Ale

My first attempt at a sessionable, pleasant pale ale. Usually I’m not entirely gripped over pale ale’s but was impressed with Bitteroot Brewing’s rye pale this summer, which motivated me to delve into the realm of american style pales.

Batch Vol: 4 gal

Initial gravity: 1.040

Final gravity: 1.010

SRM: 5*

IBU: 32.0


3lb8oz American 2-Row 53%

2lb8oz Rye Malt 38%

6oz Carafoam 6%

3oz Crystal 60l 3%

.5oz centennial @60 min

.5oz centennial @10 min

Fermented: Safale US-05


Brewed: Oct 19

Bottled Nov 23 (3.5 gallons w/ 3oz corn sugar). Felt pretty confident with the first attempt at bottling, perhaps dry hop a touch next time.

Dark Rye Saison

An attempt at a roasty, dark saison

Batch Vol: 4 gal

Initial gravity: 1.061

Final gravity: 1.012

SRM: 21*

IBU: 32.2


6lb American 2-Row 63%

2lb Rye Malt 21%

8oz Turbinado Sugar 5%

7oz Chocolate Malt 5%

5oz Aromatic 3%

4oz Bisuit Malt 3%

.5oz Brewers Gold @60 min

1oz Hallertau @60 min

1oz Hallertau @10 min

1oz Czech Saaz Dry Hop

Fermented: Wyeast 3711 French Saison


Brewed: Oct 1

Bottled: Nov 9