Simple Saison

With the warmth of summer upon me, it seemed only fitting to brew some belgian style beverages. Being quite fond of Saisons , this was a clear choice and rather than diving in over my head I took a simple approach. Overall the experience was positive and presented a nice recipe to alter in the future.

Batch Vol: 4 gal

Initial gravity: 1.063

Final gravity: 1.011

SRM: 8*

IBU: 27.3


7lb Pilsner Malt 79%

1lb Turbinado Sugar 11% (added w/ 15 min left in boil)

5oz Flaked Oats 4%

5oz Crystal 60l 4%

3oz Dextrine Malt 2%

1.5oz Czech Saaz @60 min

Fermented: Wyeast 3724 Belgian Saison


Brewed: Aug 3 (Actual vol ~4.5 gal, OG 1.051) Initially fermented in cool water tub, then moved to ambient air and allowed temp to increase under wet towel from ~60*F to ~78*F.

Bottled Sept 25 (~3.75 gallons w/ 4oz corn sugar)

Tasting: Pours a golden yellow with a considerable head. Refreshing level of carbonation and yeast forward profile with both fruity esters and some spiciness. Overall pleasant and refreshing, however will probably modify the hop profile a bit and try and reign in the yeast character a bit when I rebrew.